Unknown benefits of Kala Chana for erectile dysfunction

Black chickpeas known as kala chana are known for their numerous health benefits.  It is an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber for millions.

The nutritional value of black chickpeas increases manifold when they are left in water at night and used with breakfast or before breakfast on an empty stomach. Many males follow this practice for energy, protein, and dietary fiber for hard work they do later in the day. Black chickpeas are an important part of traditional diet that ensures all nutrient value a body needs. Let us get into details of the unknown benefits of this legume.

Unknown but proved benefit of black gram 

Black chickpeas have lower glycemic index but higher dietary fiber. The fiber in it mixes with bile acid to prevent its absorption by the body. This way it prevents the formation of cholesterol levels in the body. Daily consumption of this variety of legume lowers bad cholesterol. The antioxidant in it keeps the heart healthy and disease free. A healthy heart pumps blood efficiently in the body and also ensures that a male never faces the problem of erection, which happens when blood flow is less than sufficient towards the pelvic area.

Fiber also cures constipation; it bundles out the waste from the body smoothly without putting strain on intestines. Soaked grams are the best remedy for people with constipation problems. Soak a handful of gram overnight and eat them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It is the best natural remedy for digestive disorders.

Body takes time to digest the carbohydrates in black gram. It keeps blood sugar levels down .It also increases the insulin resistance, which lowers the risk of getting diabetes. The iron in grams checks the iron shortage in blood. It boosts energy levels. This is why soaked black grams are preferred by males in the morning to boost energy levels for hard work they do later in the day. Iron leads the formation of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen and nutrients from food to different parts of the body.

Black grams offer an excellent source of protein for people who are vegetarian.  Low calories and saturated fats in grams make it an ideal for obese people as well. The online medical team of thesynergycompanies.com includes grams in diet as natural remedies they recommend to males for the get back erection process. Since natural remedies take time to give results, the immediate result comes from Sildenafil citrate 150 mg. It boosts erection within 60 minutes.

Unknown anti aging benefits

Few people know that black gram can also be used to fight emergence of wrinkles. The manganese in grams provides energy to cells. It fights the free radicals behind wrinkles. The presence of vitamin B acts as fuel to cells.

As a face cleanser, paste of black gram is mixed with turmeric before applying on the face. It reduces age spots and refreshes the face when washed with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Nutritionists also say that manganese in black gram prevents hair loss, as deficiency in manganese leads to slower hair growth.

Excellent source for energy for males

Soaked black grams are an excellent source of energy for males who feel lethargic throughout the day. The simplest and best source of protein and energy, black gram also improves the function of the heart by preventing any damage from free radicals. The combination of these benefits improves the intimate life of males who cannot get erection due to low energy levels. By regular consumption of this traditional staple food, males can reduce their dependence on erection boosting medicines. With a balanced diet consisting of black grams and green vegetables, a male will need Generic Levitra 40mg only for severe cases of erection.  After some time, the improved energy levels and a healthy heart, the need for an even higher dose will come down.


Add black grams in your diet for health benefits.  You get benefits ranging from clear blood arteries to free bowel movement to low risk of developing diabetes. Use soaked grams for energy boost throughout the day.  Give preference to soaked grams over energy drinks which are full of caffeine and sugar and empty calories.

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