Pro’s & Con’s increase circulation in blood pressure

One of the best ways to boost blood circulation naturally is to include certain food items.  These are the fruits and vegetables which relax blood vessels to lower blood pressure. They also naturally create more blood flow by dilating blood vessels, thus curbing blood pressure problems.

Blood pressure problem is a one of the lifestyle diseases increasingly becoming a major issue in society. It affects both males and females. It damages the body even without showing symptoms for years. The damage caused to blood vessels, later reduces blood supply to vital body organs. In males, blood pressure is a major cause behind erection issues, which comes to fore when adequate blood flow is not going into the male organ.

Best ways to increase blood flow naturally

High blood pressure is the pressure exerted on walls of the blood vessels by blood. It damages blood vessels and health as well. Constant blood pressure is not a good thing, as it creates conditions for several lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular diseases. At the cellular level, decreased space in blood vessels due to formation of cholesterol leads to blood exerting pressure on blood nerve walls.

Increase intake of food items that relax blood vessels

Certain food items and fruits relax blood vessels to create additional space for blood flow in the body. Beets have nitrate, which is converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is gas in blood vessels, which relaxes blood vessels. It dilates the blood vessels to make space for smooth blood flow.

Berries are another fruit that is considered the best for naturally lowering blood pressure. The antioxidant in it, not only protects the walls of blood vessels from damage caused by free radicals, but also leads to the formation of nitric oxide in blood vessels. This action relaxes blood vessels to let blood flow smoothly by dilation of blood vessels.

Omega -3 fatty acids in fish clear blood vessels of any deposits of fatty substances. It cuts through the cholesterol formation on nerves to clear the way for smooth blood flow. It is an excellent diet to lower resting blood pressure.

Pomegranate is another fruit touted as the best for keeping blood pressure low. It is also a natural remedy for males who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Under this condition, males do not get an erection, as their blood flow is restricted towards the pelvic area. The pomegranate increases blood flow and reduces the dependence on Generic Levitra 40 mg, a dose recommended by doctors for boosting erection. Both nitrate and antioxidants in the fruit boost circulation at the same time keep vessels flexible by preventing oxidative damage.

 Garlic is another common and popular spice found in every kitchen. It has a compound known as allicin that relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure naturally.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle

Along with fruits and food items mentioned above, you also need to incorporate some exercises to stretch your muscles and prevent hardening of vessels. Physical exercises increase lymph movement and help the body to get more fresh oxygen from lungs. It helps to shed weight which improves efficiency of the heart to pump blood in the body.

Avoid sodium and smoking

There will be no benefit from the fruits and diet mentioned, if sodium intake is not cut down. Along with sodium intake avoid excess smoking and alcohol. Both these habits decrease the ability of blood vessels to sustain blood flow. Smoking leads to formation of plaque in blood vessels, which reduce the space for blood flow. Alcohol damages the blood vessels again lowering the ability of blood nerves to support sufficient blood supply.  These steps are also recommended to males by doctors of to lower risk of erectile dysfunction naturally. Daily touch with exercises, healthy diet and sodium less diet lowers both systolic and diastolic reading. Males with erectile dysfunction and currently using Sildenafil citrate 150 mg due to blood pressure issue can get natural cure with steps mentioned here. Natural cure offers a permanent solution. It reduces the need for medicines or even supplements.


Change in diet and an active lifestyle is enough to get a permanent cure to blood pressure problems. Fruits, vegetables, and exercises combine to lower the pressure and increase the flow throughout the body. Both males and females can incorporate lifestyle modification for excellent permanent results.

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