Gas Safety Certificates

An gas safety certificate is important documentation for landlords, business premises, mobile catering units and also homeowners. Without it, it cannot be reliably determined whether a gas appliance and its connections are safe and reliable.

As a legal requirement, a gas safety certificate is crucial to ensure that the systems are in good condition and do not pose a threat to life. A faulty gas appliance can cause a gas leak and greatly increase the risk of fire damage and inhalation of toxic gases. A valid certificate is also required for insurance purposes, which without this certificate would almost certainly not pay out in the event of a claim.

Gas Safety Certificates

All premises should receive a corresponding gas safety certificate from a registered gas safety engineer, as listed for example in the Gas safe register (officially known as CORGI registered). A registered engineer will perform a full inspection of the equipment, piping and ventilation to ensure maximum safety. When you are completely satisfied, issue the relevant documents. If the engineer encounters a problem, he can advise you on the work required to get the device in working condition.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Landlords are obliged to look after tenants and are legally obliged to comply with the standard of gas and electrical appliances. A landlord gas safety certificate ensures that gas appliances such as the gas meter and associated equipment are thoroughly tested to ensure the safety of tenants. It is recommended to obtain a new gas safety certificate every 12 months. The National Landlords Association (NLA) provides additional guidance on regulatory compliance.

Commercial Gas Certificate

The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Ordinance of 1998 states that a gas certificate is a legal requirement for business premises such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, offices and other public buildings. Like the landlord-specific certificate, it ensures that the gas system has been checked by a qualified gas safety engineer who has permission to issue a commercial certificate.

Commercial Catering Certificate

These gas safety certificates are required for commercial kitchens and similar catering settings. They differ from domestic certification in that a fully qualified gas safety engineer trained in diagnosing and repairing commercial gas equipment is required for acceptance. For more information on commercial catering gas certification, see the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS).

Commercial boiler service & repair

In the commercial sector, regular maintenance of the boiler is vital to ensure customer safety and the reliability of the gas system. It is recommended that all business premises invest in annual service from a qualified Gas Safe engineer. This extends the life of the device, improves safety and ensures that business can continue, safe in the knowledge that the gas system has been thoroughly checked.

Mobile catering service and repair

Operators of mobile catering services, burger vans and fast-food trucks must also receive a valid gas safety certificate, which shows that the device is safe and functional. It is recommended that you regularly check all devices and connections as this is the best way to ensure compliance and security. This will also help extend the life of devices and make them more cost-effective.

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5 Gas Safety Tip for Landlords

If you are a landlord, so there are some special tips which you should be aware of in regards to your rental property. These tips are related to fire alarms, gas safety and electrical safety. Gas Safety is not related only with gas equipment its directly relate to your home your children your parents and your pets. Daily safety practice helps you to secure your home and etc. These tips help you to do daily safety practice. Let’s start


Every Landlords are required to ensure that all properties are fitted with smoke alarms. The number of alarms is must be installed in every point as per property size. Use the proper devices and Australian standard Building safety codes. The alarms must also be working in accordance with Australian Standard 3786-1993 and correctly positioned as under the Code.

  • Each alarm must be tested and cleaned within 30 days.
  • Batteries that are spent or known to be almost spent should be replaced within 30. Try to installed long life or quality batteries.
  • Alarms should be replaced before reaching the end of their service life, usually indicated by the warranty.

Home Gas appliance were first invented, but due to a lack of regulation and poor knowledge of ventilation, these appliances do unsafe operations, which is very harmful for our family. But those days are gone now we have multiple safety switches which is describe below.

Flame Sensor

This is very necessary part now a days of every gas appliance which is help to prevent gas leaks by detecting the weather or there is flame coming from the ignition switch.

Limit Switch 

Limit switch is available in every electrical and other types of appliances to limit the machine work as per standard, same like limit switches installed in gas appliances to control overheating and monitor the temperature 

Flame Rollout Switch 

Flame rollout switch automatically trigger when gas appliance overheats, overheat lead to electrical fire and other serious damages. Flame Rollout occur due to low airflow


Fire safety equipment’s should be installed in proper way, which is easily reachable in case of any hazard or emergency. Should be check all fire safety things before expire date and align proper vender to update all equipment’s. Furnishing should be fire resistant and smoke detector installed as per Government regulations which is very helpful to your home safety.


Gas Safety is not easy everyone to check it so that’s why required a proper vender to check all equipment’s which is installed in your home. Gas fitting, pipe joints, appliance fitting, appliance warranty, these are the major things which is monitor every day. Gas appliance must be serviced at least every two years which is not only increase the safety its also increase the appliance life. Hired vender should be proper certified and its duty to provide a proper licensed of gas fitting.


Ventilation is most important part in Gas Safety. Proper ventilation ducking is necessary to maintain the overheat and also electrical short circuit. Balcony window must be fitted with near to Kitchen and also have proper window safety. Window should be easily bear 30kg of force as well as there must be all safety installed which is necessary for children’s . Window must be check in every 1 month with proper oiling and lock. These things very helpful to your home or your family.

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