Cafe Racer Bike and Cafe Racer Jacket

You might get to know about a lot of other bikes. Be it Harley Davidson, road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid commuter bikes, different kinds of sportbikes, and then there come cafe racers. You probably recognize this bike from the name, as we hear a lot about the cafe racer jacket. And honestly, halfway, you are right about it. The jackets were specially made for cafe racer bikes initially only. Now they are part of fashion as well.

Cafe racer bikes have such an exciting history. It can keep you engaged, and if you have a motorbike squad, you will surely love to know how it first got into its existence. Cafe racer bikes’ origin is from The UK, where all the bike enthusiasts used to sit and have a conversation about bikes and their parts. That motorway became the hub of these fanatics, where they started conducting illegal races.

The formation of the cafe racer bike happened by customizing the bikes. The gangs wanted something incredibly fast and sleekly styled. Primarily they were stretched-back bikes, then the gangs used to mix and match the engines just to make the bikes faster. The design of these racer bikes evolved a lot over time, and now when we see them, they are entirely different. They are much light-weighted, plus not much attention is given to the look, but definitely to the speed.

Cafe racer bikes are different and uniquely built. Their handles are pretty low for the long stretched seat, whereas the footpegs are awkwardly placed. But then the rider who is riding, it is his part to make it look iconic.

As cool as the racer bikes are, jackets that are created just for them are even chicer. “There is beauty in the simplicity” these racer jackets are a living example of this quote. They are popular because of their casual and straightforward style. No fancy cuts at all. Just a straight zipper at the front and round collar. The only part that makes it look more classic is the pocket placements. Some of them have two pockets, and some have 4 on the chest and around the waist.

Well, racer jackets were widely used by bikers and racers, but not anymore. People who do not even like bikes are wearing these retro racer jackets just because of their minimalist style. It can really be a go-to casual outfit blazer. That’s what makes it beautiful. You can add or cancel out ornaments to style this everyday piece of the jacket.

Some iconic looks we can share with you just to make things easy and stylish for you. Have a thorough look at these inspirations:


Can you ever go wrong with these two classic colors, BLACK and WHITE? Honestly, you can. But the probability is significantly less. We can suggest you go with a white tee shirt when wearing a black cafe racer leather jacket. A classy casual look you can carry any time of the day.


Brown racer jackets all alone look so pretty. But if you are combining a brown camel color with a clean black pair of jeans, you are making a classic fashion statement. Women, you don’t have to stay at the back. Carry this look with a loose bun and plain ray-bans. Your brown colored cafe racer will do the rest of the job.


If not in this life, then when are you going to do experiments with your style? Don’t wait. Just do it. Style your cafe racer jacket with a muffler. Boys, you are also welcome to do it, but just don’t use a fur scarf. Girls can carry the fur scarf well. And both boys and girls can wear a cherry on the top, which is glasses.


A cropped cafe racer with multiple pockets and zipper sleeves is an effortless option for your travel time—a much spacious jacket to keep your necessary personal things by your side. High-waisted jeans in black with the back of a loose tee shirt tucked in and then a loose crop jacket on top would be a great choice. Please choose a good quality leather jacket if you want a comfortable outfit.


Don’t have enough time to spend on your outfit of the day but want to look cool? Just wear very casual attire and then top it off with the cafe biker’s first love, their jacket in black color. Black in specific because then you can match it with blue denim.

Cafe racer with formal dressing

If you are also one of those people who just can’t live without impressing others. And if you want to be an overachiever, then go formal with a cafe racer leather jacket. Just make sure you are wearing light-weighted leather and not something heavy. Your dressing will make people go nuts because then they won’t be able to judge. Whether you are going formal or casual.


By putting a smile on the face and a youthful soul in your heart, you can pose a sweater cum black jacket look during winters.

You might not even need our suggestions while styling your racer jacket on a cafe racer bike. As they both together go very well. But if you are not a rider, then definitely feel free to get some inspiration from this post. Put the streets on fire with your cafe racer bike.

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