Burst your myths about acne

Flawless skin is a way to feel confident. The modern lifestyle has made flawless skin a dream for people. Acne is a common problem with every age group. The list of reasons can be endless. 

The more popular the problem, the more myths you encounter. Acne is one of those prevalent problems, and we encounter several myths every day. Myths are meant to be burst, so here we are to burst your myths. 

Only dirt and pollution causes acne

It is valid to some extent that pollution and dirt present in the atmosphere can cause acne. However, it cannot be the sole reason for its cause. Acne breakout can be caused due to extreme exfoliation, or washing face frequently in a day.

To get more information on acne, consult a dermatologist. 

Toothpaste can dry pimples 

This cure is voguish nowadays. Applying toothpaste on your acne is the worst thing you can do. Toothpaste might help suppress the zit, but its chemicals can cause chronic severe problems for your skin. After all, toothpaste is a chemical, and it contains baking soda which can aggravate the skin condition. 

To get a wise solution for your problem, consult a dermatologist. 

Acne target teenage

Acne does not discriminate based on age. It is a great myth that only teenagers are hit by acne. Every age group suffers this problem. People in their 20s and 30s often confront the problem of acne. So age barriers are made for acne. 

Dermatologists are open to all age groups, so consult them now to get away with your acne.

Body heat causes acne

Body heat is a natural phenomenon, and heat is produced while the person is on medication, or dealing with problems. The heat can cause itching, or rashes but not acne exactly. So do not make body heat an excuse for acne.

To confirm the fact you can consult a dermatologist. 

Acne-prone skin does not require moisturisation 

The biggest myth of all times that acne-prone skin is not made for moisturisation. All skin types require moisture. Water provides a healthy balance of moisture, but a layer of moisturiser is always important. It is still beneficial to put sunscreen over your moisturiser to protect it from harmful rays. 

To get the best type of moisturiser for your skin, consult a dermatologist. 

Popping acne can vanish it faster.

The biggest mistake “popping pimple” will aggravate the skin. Popping acne will result in a breakout of more zits on your skin. It will also leave scars on your skin that might need an extra effort of yours. To prevent this problem, take a back seat and give the pimple some time to settle down. 

If you want a quick solution for acne breakout, consult a dermatologist. 

Acne breakout is an overnight process.

Acne breakout is not an overnight process, and it is the accumulation of numerous unhealthy lifestyle. There can be numerous causes behind one zit like:

  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Clogged skin
  3. Accumulation of dead skin

To get rid of your acne, consult a dermatologist.

Acne cannot be genetic

Genes play an essential role in our health, not just at the time of birth but our whole life. Acne-prone skin is only a part of a genetic problem. It is likely to get acne-prone skin if your parents or grandparents had such issues. 

You can deal with the problem with the help of dermatologist consultation. 

Makeup causes acne

Most cosmetic-haters will relate to this myth. Makeup does not cause acne, overuse of products might cause. Not removing makeup before sleep can cause acne. Breakouts can also be caused when products have a high amount of chemicals. Wearing makeup solely is not the cause of acne breakout. 

To choose the best makeup for your skin, consult a dermatologist. 

Acne does not need treatment

Acne can turn severe anytime, so do not skip to get treatment. Acne might settle down itself, but if it does not settle or gets adverse, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. 
So, these were some common myths for acne you encounter in your everyday life, contact Online Doctor Consultation.

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