Building a successful career in marine engineering

Today, many students aspire to become engineers because they can build a bright future. They can earn handsome salary and also meaningfully contribute in the field of production, designing, manufacturing or research or development. The students choose different fields in engineering such as electronic, electrical, mechanical, civil etc. Today, some students want to become marine engineers also. So, they should acquire BS in Marine Engineering.Such programs prepare students in various fields such as mechanical system, repairing, designing, and marine vessels. 

Career path for marine engineers

The marine engineers should acquire a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering. Such students can study naval architecture also. They acquire a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. The marine engineers should appear for the board exam. This board exam is conducted twice or thrice a year. This test is conducted by the Marine Deck and Marine Engine Officers supervised by PRC. 

The students should study the undergraduate course of marine engineering. So, studying this course, they can become technically competent and can secure job in local shipping industry. The students should study various concepts such as ship’s engine system, auxiliaries, adjunct machinery and the other propulsion system. The engineers mainly focus upon maintenance of ship population plant and the smooth operation of the ship. 

How to become marine engineers?

To acquire higher-level competency, the students should study Batch course. After completing the B.Tech course, they can complete Diploma in Nautical Science. The students should study this course for four years and they focus in the areas of construction, maintenance and operation. They also study about different cargo vessels such as cruise ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, submarines and battleships. 

The marine engineer is responsible in the areas of maintenance, operation and should repair to repair the important ship parts. They should also study the mechanical aspects of the ship system.  The students should study about the engineered equipments on boarding the ship. 

They are engaged in the designing and construction of nautical equipment. Such students can also choose lucrative careers in various areas such as private shipping companies, ship building, engine production firms and various designing firms. 

They can study different UG courses and the students should acquire the minimum qualification of 10 + 2 along with subjects such as physics, chemistry or mathematics. These subjects are compulsory for their course. They should also complete a three-year diploma in marine engineering. They can apply for a UG course in marine engineering also. To study the course, the student should be above 17 years and should not surpass 25 years. 

The marine engineers travel extensively to various places and sites. They should work for various plants or worksites. Many engineers work 40 hours a week. Sometimes, the engineers are pressurized to work for extra hours. The aspect of designing is sometimes really difficult. 

The students should possess maths and problem-solving capabilities to become a marine engineer. The students should be aware of the aspects of computers also and should be well-versed in CAD software. They mainly focus on the areas of ships, internal systems of boats and the submarines. 

So, the students should acquire a BS in marine engineering to become marine engineers.

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